Smart Energy Laboratory (SEL)
Computational Intelligence Applications (CIA) Laboratory

Department of Electrical Engineering
University of Washington


SEL Lab Projects CIA Lab Projects

Adaptive Power Factor/Voltage Controller

Adaptive Sequential Controller

Minimum Arc Energy Switching of Breakers

Neural Network Electric Load Forecasting

High Performance Electric Drives

Intelligent Multi-Axis Elastic Link Motion Control System

Faulty Breaker Inspection

Short Windings Assessment Technique

Security and Vulnerability Assessment

Seafloor Observatory (NEPTUNE)

NEPTUNE Power Electronic Circuits


NEPTUNE System Analysis

Wind Energy

Wind Energy Integration

Multi-Objective Optimization for Wind Farm Operation

Sonar Mapping and Tracking

Missing Sensors Restoration

Swarm Intelligence

Dentoalveolar Modeling

Gene Quantitation Modeling

Network Routing

Seizure detection

Neural Network Application to Aircrafts

Environmentally Adaptive Sonar Control

Mobil Sensors Networks