Smart Energy Laboratory (SEL)
Computational Intelligence Applications (CIA) Laboratory

Department of Electrical Engineering
University of Washington

Wind System Modeling

Wind farms are required to operate as power plants with participation in grid operations such as stability, dynamic performance and control. To understand and evaluate the impact of increasing wind turbine penetration on power system, power system dynamic studies need to be carried out through dynamic models of wind turbines. In this course, we will develop non-linear and liner dynamic models for wind turbines. The models can be implemented by general purpose simulation tools such as MATLAB. The models include asynchronous and synchronous machines of Types 1, 2, 3 and 4.


Who should Attend

Utilities power engineers
Wind energy integration engineers
Wind energy development engineers
Power system planning and operation engineers
Consultants and researchers in wind energy with engineering background.


Course Outline:


Modeling of Aerodynamics

Modeling of Turbines

Modeling of Mechanical Shaft

Modeling of Power Electronics

Modeling of Induction generator

Steady state


Modeling of Synchronous Generator

Steady State