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Department of Electrical Engineering
University of Washington

Renewable Energy

The public concerns regarding the negative environmental impact of burning fossil fuel have encouraged engineers and scientists to develop reliable alternative energy resources. Many countries began investing in renewable energy through various programs that encourage the development and test of reliable renewable energy systems. Tax credits, investments in research and development, subsidies, and developing favorable regulations are some of the various supports by governments to accelerate the development of renewable energy technologies.

The developments in the renewable energy field during the past few years have led to more efficient and more reliable systems. Some of these systems, such as solar and fuel cells, are already used in aerospace and transportations. Also, wind energy is generating electricity all over the world.

In this Course, various renewable energy systems are presented and analyzed. The impact of renewable energy system on utility grids is discussed and analyzed.

Who should attend?

Engineers who wish to gain a deeper understanding of the renewable energy systems

Power engineers who wish to understand the impact of renewable energy system on the power grids.

Managers and Staff, who are not directly involved in the day-to-day operation of the renewable systems, but may need to make informed decisions relating to the energy industry.

 Topics Covered

Wind Energy

Kinetic Energy of Wind
Wind Turbine
Wind Farm Performance
Wind Energy and Environment

Solar Energy

Passive Solar Energy System
Active Solar Energy System (Photovoltaic)
Ideal Photovoltaic Model
Effect of Irradiance and Temperature on Solar Cells
Model of PV Module
Real Photovoltaic Model
Daily Power Profile of PV Array
Photovoltaic System
Assessment of Photovoltaic Systems

Fuel Cell

Hydrogen Fuel
Types of Fuel Cells
Hydrogen Economy
Modeling of Ideal Fuel Cells
Thermal Process of Fuel Cells
Electrical Process of Fuel Cells

Modeling of Actual Fuel Cells
Polarization Characteristics of Fuel Cells
Evaluation of Fuel Cells
Fuel Cells and Environment

Small Hydroelectric Systems

Reservoir-Type Small Hydroelectric System
Diversion-Type Small Hydroelectric System

Geothermal Energy

Heat Pump
Geothermal Power Plant
Types of Geothermal Power Plants
Evaluation of Geothermal Energy

Hydrokinetic Energy

Tidal Energy Systems
Free-Flow Tidal System
Barrage System
Wave Energy
Small hydro
Evaluation of Tidal Energy

Biomass Energy