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Department of Electrical Engineering
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Power Network Essentials

Many engineers in the electric power industry have backgrounds in fields other than electric power engineering. Yet, they need to be familiar with the electric power grid and all its operations to be effective in their rank. This course is designed to give those engineers a clear understanding of the core material of electric power systems.

The Power Network Essentials course reviews the electrical power grid from its early history, its core technology and up through its current challenges. The goal is to give engineering professionals a broad understanding of power system technology with a detailed view of critical issues such as resources, environmental impact and network operation as well as future trends.

Beginning with the fundamentals of three-phase AC, the course reviews the energy resources and the types of power plants in use today. After reviewing all other components in an electrical grid, the course discusses the challenges and opportunities associated with environmental issues and renewable forms of electrical energy as well as power quality and safety. The course then focuses on electrical networks and discusses critical issues of the control of power flow as well as protection, stability and economics. An in-depth review of control centers leads to a discussion of blackouts and energy trading.

This course is taught by electrical engineering professors from the University of Washington. Upon completion of the course, participants will receive a copy of the book written by one of the professors and a completion certificate.

Target Audience

Electric utility employees who need greater understanding of system operation.
System operators who want greater understanding of the technology.
Public agency and regulatory staff with responsibility for electric power issues.
Engineers without in-depth background in power systems
Power system managers who don't have a power engineering background.

Course Topics

The History of the Electric Power industry
Fundamentals of Three-Phase AC Circuits
Energy Resources and Power Plants
Components of Electric Power Systems
Environmental Impact of Traditional and Renewable Resources
Power Quality and Electric Safety
Control of Power Flow, Economic Operation and Protection
Power System Control and Stability
Interconnection Failures and Blackouts
Deregulation and Power Trading